Pregnancy Glow Set




This Set Makes you Glow unapologetically, Helps prevent stretch marks, discoloration, pigmentation, breakouts, darkening due to hormonal changes. It’s safe, clinically proven and 100% natural. Set Comes with 50ml Face cream, 300ml Body lotion, 500ml Deep Hydration Body Wash, 200ml Butter skin moisturizer & 100ml Pure Carrot Glow Oil

Directions: DURING PREGNANCY – Shower with the Body wash daily, moisturize face with the natural glow face cream and body with the butter skin moisturizer during the day “apply generous amount on your belly” and at night moisturize face with the natural glow face cream and body with the Natural glow body lotion and your belly with the Pure Carrot Glow oil.

AFTER PREGNANCY – Shower with the Extra Lightening Black Soap preferably with a glove sponge🧤morning & evening if you’ve got the energy or ones daily.
Moisturize Face and body with the Deep hydration Glow lotion morning & evening.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Avoid scratching your belly only pat belly when it itches to avoid stretch marks. You don’t need scrubbing during or after pregnancy. You need a glove sponge that’s all to scrub your body thoroughly during & after pregnancy. During pregnancy too much scrubbing of your belly can trigger stretch marks. So you don’t need to use a sponge on your belly only the rest part of your body during pregnancy.
You can start using a body scrub after 3 months post pregnancy.

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