Lightening VIP Set with body wash




This set lightens your skin and Takes you up to 2-3 shades ahead of your present complexion, gives you natural fairness with a youthful glow. Works best when you’re about to go to bed so I’ll recommend you using this face cream & lotion especially at night. If you must apply during the day avoid the sun and stay in a cool place.

Set comes with 50ml Face Cream, 300ml Body Lotion, 100ml Glow Oil, 100ml Vitamin c face toner, 30ml Vitamin c serum, 400ml Body Scrub, 100ml Brightening face wash, 1kg Extra lightening Black Soap or 1 liter Extra lightening Body wash.

Direction:i) Get a glove sponge, a regular sponge or no sponge.
ii)You can either scrub before the wash or use wash before scrubbing “your choice”
iii) Shower with the extra lightening body wash or the extra lightening black soap, don’t skip any part of your body., please do not use sponge on your face. Use your bare hands to apply soap on your face. Don’t rinse out the body wash or brightening black soap if you’re scrubbing.
iv) apply body scrub with a glove sponge, scrub gently, leave for 5minutes then rinse off. scrub twice a week. if you have to scrub your face please don’t use a sponge use bare hands to scrub face. “YOU CAN’T SCRUB YOUR FACE IF YOU HAVE ACNE (pimples) or sunburn.
v)(1) use brightening face wash to cleanse face with your bare hands. “No sponge”
(2) spray toner on face leave it to sit on skin and absorb
(3) apply fee drops of the vitamin c serum on face massage gently and let it sit/sink/absorb into the skin
(4)Moisturize face with the face cream
(5) Moisturize body with the body lotion.
(6) Apply brightening glow oil all over your body (not your face) before your lotion or after your lotion or you can even mix with your lotion. Don’t skip any part of your body, pay attention to your knuckles, elbows, knees and toes. Also watch our direction clips on our Instagram bio on how to apply our body lotion on problem areas.

Lagos: 1-2 working days
Interstate: 2-7 working days
International: 2-4 working days.