Brightening Body Scrub small size 400ml


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Our High Definition Face & Body Scrub aka Deep hydration body polish serves as an exfoliant and a deep cleanser it’s 2 in 1 power packed goodness and you get instant brightness with just one use. This scrub is formulated with natural exfoliant, essential oils and deep cleansing nutrients that rejuvenates your skin by rubbing off old skin layer and allowing your new skin layer to develop. This new skin is able to absorb the wonderful nutrients from our Natural glow lotion, Caramel glow body milk, Lightening Glow lotion & Extra Lightening lotion to give your skin a healthy, youthful and ageless look.

Direction: Scrub body  2-3times a week preferably with a glove sponge🧤

“DO NOT SCRUB YOUR FACE WITH A SPONGE” use your  bare hands.

you CANNOT SCRUB your face if you’re acne prone else it’ll spread like wildfire. You can only scrub a smooth face with your bare hands.

Lagos: 1-2 working days
Interstate: 2-7 working days
International: 2-4 working days.